Friday, May 15, 2009

How do you even get that stairs furniture?
Its not in the Shop.
Its not even on sale anywhere yet.
Comment if you have any idea if they sell it or not.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

This is seriously pissing me off. >=(
LIKE every 5 minutes this sign pops up!
Its so ANNOYING. >=(

AGA Outfits

So I found these girls with AWSOME outfits today.
They were very stylish.
If the people on the picture are looking at this post right now,
You've just got yourself chosen to be on my latest post. ;)


So this girl nicoleeh wanted to be in my blog.
There you go! ;)
Btw, nicoleeh, LOVE your outfit. <3


I noticed something.
On the game 'Gemko'
Everytime on your FREE MONEY trial part.
Everytime you get 500 points.
It doesn't go to your GEM account.
So I guess you have to exit the game and play again.
Then the next time you get a point you get that much money...
Kind of stupid. =P
Did this happen to any of you guys?
Comment if it did.
Or comment if you know how to stop it.


So heres my GEMS right now.
I told you I'm broke. :S

NEW places coming up?

I wonder how the new places are gonna look like.
Comment if you have any idea of what its gonna look like.
You make take a guess.